Bread of Life Christian Center

We believe that the bible is the absolute word of God.  Written by men who were inspired by God.  Inerrant and authoritative, given to us, the children of God as a means by which to become one with the Father and the Son.
 We believe in one God who exists in three distinct persons:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Each playing a distinct role in each of our lives when we embrace our personal relationship with the Son.         

We believe in Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of the Father.  Who came into this world to take our sin upon Himself and our place upon the cross.  We believe that He died, is risen and will return again.      

We believe that Salvation is a gift from God.  No physical act that a person performs can bring them salvation.  It is a gift that is manifested through a personal relationship with Christ and our obedience to the Word.        

We believe that water baptism is done unto repentance, when we choose to die to self and be raised into a new life with Jesus Christ. That it is symbolic of the cleansing power of the Blood of our Lord and Savior and our desire to come to Him and submit to His authority.   

We believe in the taking of communion as an act of remembering the sacrifice on the cross by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.      

We believe that God's love can be perfected in each of us through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  And because of His love being poured out into our hearts, we then, can love one another unconditionally, forgive one another unconditionally and express grace, mercy and compassion according to His will.

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