Lake Country Area Golf Course Status 2013-05-15

Lake Country Area Golf Course Status

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In February, presentations were given and distributed regarding plans that a group of area residents have put together to turn the golf course into the Eagle Mountain Activity Center.   Those plans are still being actively studied, but have been slowed.

During March and April, meetings have been held with city officials to determine how the PID (Public Improvement District) would be managed.  Many legal questions have had to be researched and answered and some are still outstanding.   Other discussions have taken place with the major lienholder for the property, golf course management companies, well drillers, TRWD, and irrigation system specialists.   Many questions have been answered, but there are still key issues to be resolved.  The city is currently investigating the most expedient way the initial investment in the property could be funded.

Additionally, the City of Fort Worth has given the owner of the golf course property notice of foreclosure.    That would result in the sale of the golf course to the highest bidder in the August timeframe.  However, that is unlikely to happen as there are many legal avenues the current owner has to avoid or delay this.   Representatives of the golf course property owner met with Dennis Shingleton in late March and indicated a new plan for developing the property would be proposed in mid-April.  However, no new plan has been provided.

It would not be unexpected that the owner of the golf course would file for bankruptcy protection which would create further delays in moving forward.  There have been rumors to the effect that has already happened, but we currently do not have any concrete evidence that the filing has actually taken place.

Many homeowners have taken the initiative to mow a portion of the golf course to keep up appearances in their own back yard, but we will soon need the City of Fort Worth’s help to mow the property if the current owner does not make an effort.

We will continue to update you periodically as to the status of the golf course, especially if there is any significant news to report.

Scott Lowry

LCPOA Chairman, Golf Course Committee


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