Posted Tuesday, April 02, 2013

On the middle weekend in March, our greenbelt committee chairman, Colin Alexander, inspired a group of guys to carry out projects previously approved by the LCPOA Board of refilling the playground with “mulch” and constructing pathways in Greenbelt 12 extending from the existing concrete sidewalk beyond the playground to the tennis courts and down-slope to the bridge. The “groupies” included Bob Lynch, Bill McCallum, Brian Munk and Bill Hughes, plus a mystery red-headed young man (see photos). A token female, Robin Bohlin, also made an off-camera cameo appearance.


Great fun was had by all. Colin ran the front-end loader, dispersing the mulch for the playground and the crushed granite for the pathways from the piles made by the trucks that delivered those materials. Bill McCallum tilled the old mulch, so kids who might fall down and go boom-boom while playing would not suffer any serious boo-boos. The others raked the mulch and shoveled the granite to spread it evenly. (The guy in the background of one photo is stomping down the edges of the ruts Colin’s tractor made in the grass that was still soft from rain the previous week.) In the future, the plan is to extend the lower path through the newly planted trees to Crosswind Drive, so y’all may walk without getting your tennies muddy. Enjoy!


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