HEB Market Store Coming to Lake Country 2012-10-11

HEB Market Store
Coming to Lake Country


Posted October 11, 2012


(By Councilman Dennis Shingleton) As many of you have heard, we are anticipating the construction of a supermarket on the corner of Bailey Boswell Road and Boat Club Road.

This project will include a large HEB market, a HEB pharmacy and HEB gasoline station.  Additionally, the project will include two or three satellite buildings that will have ancillary uses, i.e. a restaurant, bank etc.

The project has been delayed by Texas Department of Transportation.  TXDOT is requiring that an entrance to the west side of the complex coincide with the Lake Country Drive exit and red light.

This can only be accomplished if the four electrical support towers are moved.    ONCOR electric will agree to move the towers at the developers’ expense but only to match their (ONCORs) timetables.

Those timetables are for lower usage times in their grid pattern, that being in the fall or spring months when electricity usage is generally lower.   So, you can expect that the tower movement will begin very soon.

At my last conversation with the developer, the anticipated completion date was January 2014.   Don’t hesitate to call my office if you have any additional questions on this issue or in other matters that I may be of assistance.

Dennis Shingleton
City Councilmember - District 7

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