Fort Worth Golf Club Closes 2012-10-08

Fort Worth Golf Club Closes

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Posted October 8, 2012


The Fort Worth Golf Club, located in Lake Country, closed in September.  The golf course has been put up for sale by the owner.

On Thursday, October 10, Dennis Shingleton, our city council representative, attended the LCPOA board meeting along with some other concerned association members to discuss the situation.   Dennis provided some great insight into what can or cannot be done to maintain or improve property values in our neighborhood regarding the golf course and answered the concerns of all of the attendees.

Here are some key points discussed at the meeting:

1)      The owner of the golf course property has substantial debt. Creditors have sued and placed liens on the property.

2)      Too few customers were playing the course to allow it to be kept open.

3)      It is not known at this time what the eventual disposition of the property will be.

4)      The golf course is zoned A-5 for residential homes with a lot size of at least 5000 sq. feet.

5)      There are portions of the property, particularly the land between fairways 1 and 9 and between fairways 10 and 18 that are owned by someone other the owner of the golf course itself.

6)      Any changes to zoning, such as use for apartments or business, would need to be approved by city council. 

7)      Most developers would want to build smaller foot print home sites or multi-family dwellings in order to maximize profit.  However, they would encounter significant roadblocks with regards to zoning, access, utilities, and the requirement to make any new development be comparable to our current neighborhood. 

8)      The City of Fort Worth is currently closing some of its golf courses, so it would not take over this property as either a golf course or a park.

9)      Dennis Shingleton suggested that the LCPOA along with other HOA’s in the area work together as a united front to evaluate options for keeping the property as a golf course.  Dennis believes this is best use of the property for the neighborhood and the city and has offered to work with us to that end.

10)  Dennis also suggested that we evaluate the possibility of setting up a Public Improvement District (PID).

LCPOA Board is taking the following actions:

1)      Forming a committee to explore the options with the other Home Owner Associations in the area.

2)      Monitoring the maintenance of the golf course and inform the city if the owner does not keep the property mowed and maintained.   The city will mow the property if not maintained by the owner, but we would need to understand that this would be rough cut only when absolutely necessary.


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