AT&T U-verse Not All That Was Hoped For

AT&T U-verse Not All That Was Hoped For

Posted Monday, June 04, 2012

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In the Sunday’s Star-Telegram (06/03/12) there is an article by Dave Lieber - The Watch Dog, “AT&T to customer: Upgrade or lose your connection”.

What is troubling is the method that AT&T is taking to require residents who currently have AT&T DSL service to upgrade to AT&T U-verse.

For those Lake Country residents that don’t know, AT&T has for the last 9-12 months been installing U-verse in Lake Country. U-verse is AT&T’s new product that delivers TV, Phone & Internet to the home and replaces DSL. Read more about AT&T U-verse on AT&T’s website and also on Wikipedia.

Read the Story on the Star-Telegram

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