Grassland Court Drainage Improvement Project Update - 2-14-2012

Grassland Court Drainage Improvement Project Update

Posted March 9th, 2012

Recently Tu Doan and Dick Williamson, LCPOA Board Members, attended a project meeting and filed this report.


(By Dick Williamson) Tu and I joined many of our neighbors at the meeting held last night to discuss the plan for the drainage improvement project. The project will start next week and projected to be completed in nine months (contractor says eight).

They will start at the lake and go up the greenbelt. A [drainage]large line will be installed on Crosswind Dr. toward Skylake Dr., go up Skylake Dr. and end where it levels off past Quail Ridge. There will be some smaller lines going each way on Crosswind from the main outlet. The contractor didn't commit to a certain order but his plan now is to start at the lake and work on the greenbelt #11 section.

Some questions that came up -

Q. Will we be able to get in and out of our driveways?

A. They plan on opening up no more than 100 ft. at a time. There may be a night or two that the access will be limited, but the plan is to provide access to the residents.

Q. Will it affect utilities?

A. They plan to work around the water and gas lines but they do have to lower the sewer line where it crosses the outlet area. There may be times when they need to shut off the water but they should have it back in service at the close of each work day. They will notify the residents when they will be affected.

Q. When will they be working?

A. From 7AM to 5:30PM Monday - Friday. Saturdays are a rare exception.

Q. Will the streets be closed?

A. Probably some closures during the day but they plan to have them open at night. There may be some exceptions such as when they dig across a street, but there are only a few areas where that will happen.

Q. What about the trees in the greenbelt?

A. They will likely take out 18 trees and will plant 36 trees as they complete the landscape work. The trees will have a one year warranty. Per Bob's request, they will landscape so it can be mowed.

Q. Will we be able to use our 4th of July parade route?

A. They took note of it and as long as they know ahead of time, they plan to accommodate.

They will re-surface the streets affected as they complete an area.

Dick Williamson
LCPOA Board Member 2012

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